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Server Virtualization Benefits

Building comprehensive virtualization environment with Remsys. 

Such words as "virtualization", "cloud", "virtual environment" etc. have become very popular over the last several years. There are numerous advantages of virtualization and each can give you particular benefits:

  • Two, three, four or more virtual servers on one physical server. The ability to create multiple virtual servers (VPS - Virtual Private Server) on one physical server (node) which allows to substitute one physical server with multiple virtual servers, each with its own full-fledged operating system. Virtual servers are running as one dedicated server, each VPS can be rebooted separately from the others and has root access, users with their own IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files. The interface of each of these servers, as well as the features it possesses, is similar to the interface and features of a separate server.
  • Efficient utilization of resources in order to meet diverse challenges. Based on a common hardware, virtual servers can utilize the resources of a physical server more efficiently. 
  • Cutting costs. Needless to say that the cost of electricity and the price (rent) of space in the provider's rack / cabinet for several VPS are equal to expenses on one physical server. It is often cheaper to license commercial software, as some programs are licensed by the number of physical devices (processors, servers) so you can save a good deal of money.
  • A tool for disaster recovery. Click here to learn more about this low-cost but effective tool.
  • Versatility and flexibility. The virtual environment is not dependent on hardware architecture and operating systems. It can be easily applied to any data center.

Remsys experience in virtualization.

The first thing is your desire to pursue this goal. If you feel like it - welcome to our company. This can be a good starting point. REMSYS supports dozens of VPS nodes. We have already virtualized a fair number of servers and we work with all the hottest virtualization technologies - Xen (Linux Xen), OpenVZ and VMWare. Our services involve the full support of virtualization, which means consulting, installation, upgrades, system maintenance and support (including custom templates) of hardware nodes, as well as VPS running Virtuozzo/OpenVZ.

How much does virtualization cost?

It all depends on what you want, but in any case it costs less than the benefits you can get. If you just need to virtualize a physical server, it will cost you $37.00 an hour. As usual, time is billed in 15 minute increments. You may probably want us to install more OS's on virtual machines and move the data from the old server to a new VPS. You may also want us to manage your VPS (prices available here).

Want to learn more about virtualization and how to implement it?

Contact us and we will get back to you with the best deal.

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