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5 Tools Everyone In The Security Information Industry Should Be Using

information security

Information security is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you are a user, administrator, IT manager, or business owner information security should be on your mind. Information used, collected and owned has value and because of this businesses must prepare for security threats and vulnerabilities. The following examines 5 tools everyone should use in the information security industry. 

Network vulnerability scanners

Motives, benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing in the IT world

Perhaps every business owner has at some point considered the option of outsourcing at least some aspects of workload, necessary for maintaining the successful business process. It is quite understandable, given the fact that the gain seems to be huge and you can save a lot of funds by outsourcing certain business functions. Using this strategy one can run a successful business without the need of hiring employees. 

Infrastructure Automation at a glance

How often do you have to manually apply the same steps when setting up a server environment for yourself? Being in charge of tens, hundreds, sometimes even thousands of servers also means that there are hundreds of deployments to handle, configurations to make, patches to apply, security issues to solve, and updates to download. Imagine if all of these manual actions were coded and treated the same way as the other software systems!

Remsys IMP success story

Remsys has been offering services in the IT outsourcing market for over 9 years. Our customers are very diverse, and so are their servers and configurations. At a certain point, companies using large numbers of servers run into the following issues: "How do we organize all of the chaos that we run on servers? How can the workload that the system administrators are facing be reduced? How can IT processes be optimized?" As a growing organization, we were continuously seeking answers to these questions.

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