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VoIP monitoring

VoIP networks have grown rapidly in past decades due to the opportunity they are providing. You can easily deploy, manage and extend your VoIP network over an existing IP networks. It also gives you greater variety of features, than regular telephony for the lower cost of services and cheaper price for international destination. Thus, all of these benefits of VoIP networks are extremely rigid in front of network quality.

Skype Connect to Asterisk

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Currently, Skype is one of the fastest growing VoIP telephone networks. It gives us the ability to make free calls between millions of members and also gives us cheaper outbound calls. The information above most likely explains why Microsoft decided to acquire Skype this year.

VoIP Security


In this article you will find descriptions of major VoIP attacks and two ideas on securing VoIP networks. The first suggestion is dialing the network with a VoIP operator infrastructure. The second suggestion is referral to company asterisk based PBX, which is an open source switch server with limited access.

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