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System Performance & Uptime Monitoring

Keeping fingers on the pulse of your servers and network equipment.

Service engineers responsible for monitoring of servers and network equipment are our eyes and ears. That is why System Monitoring is the staple of all our services aimed at equipment support. Perhaps as a separate service our monitoring may not look like a good deal to you. You may find it illogical to pay for something you can arrange yourself free of charge. However, once you learn a little more about our monitoring system, you will probably change your mind.

Our monitoring system is not deployed on a single server, but on a server cluster instead. It provides full protection and control over security incidents.

The main strength of our monitoring system is its "brain". We designed a very sophisticated algorithm to avoid false-positive and false-negative incidents. It helps us preserve our energy and keep an eye on the real problems.

Our Monitoring System monitors a network using various protocols: ping, http, https, smtp, ftp, ssh, dns, disk usage, swap, memory, cpu load, raid status (if possible). It controls processes such as MySQL, PostgreSQl, MSSQL, and any other services at the request of our clients (provided we have corresponding engineering capabilities).

To give you a better idea of what your servers do, the Monitoring System offers a graphical representation of the generated traffic, load average, Iostat utilization (for Linux), memory utilization, Traffic Packets Per Second, SarParse CPU (for Linux and FreeBSD). Our customers can review the error messages history and select the time interval they need.

How much would System Monitoring cost?

For customers whose servers we manage this service is free.

If you prefer to manage your servers yourself, you can take advantage of our System Monitoring for a token fee (connection to a monitoring system - $20.00, subscription - from $37.00 per month). There is a good chance that over time you will become interested in our other services and be able to use our monitoring for free.

Want to keep your finger on the pulse of your servers 24 hours a day?

Contact us and we will offer you the optimal solution.

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