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Remsys releases the Advanced Log Analyzer (ALA).
Remsys releases Advanced Log Analyzer

Remsys Advanced Log Analyzer (ALA) is a proprietary solution, designed to automate log processing for company’s managed servers. The implemented software automatically examines and analyses log files on clients’ servers and creates a full set of reports that are stored for further interpretation.

Advanced Log Analyser is written in Perl, which permits the use of the software on all Operating Systems. It is fully integrated and managed by Remsys Infrastructure Management Platform (IMP)

ALA operating principles include the following four phases:

1. Reading of the configuration file.

2. Logs analysis by a specific module.

3. Receipt of the message body from the module.

4. Reports storing for future reference or forwarding to the specified email addresses

ALA can be configured to analyze the log files of servers automatically. Remsys engineers can define the exact servers to be analysed, the type of logs to be processed, the periodicity (daily, weekly, or monthly), the exact time to start the analysis, and the action to be performed (download the log file, analyse it, and save it for future reference/or send the results by e-mail).

"The release and implementation of the Advanced Log Analyser software is a major milestone for both Remsys and our clients. Log processing automation will significantly bolster our engineers’ productiveness simultaneously providing significant time and money savings when managing servers." says Constantin Garcev, Remsys General Manager.

Advanced Log Analyzer will improve the process by which system administrators monitor the logs, events and the state of servers. This will translate into more efficient server management, saved time, and the enhanced economic benefits to all Remsys’ clients.

ALA successfully passed the testing period and is soon to be implemented for all Remsys clients which provide shared hosting services.

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