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Skype Connect to Asterisk

[General settlement]

Currently, Skype is one of the fastest growing VoIP telephone networks. It gives us the ability to make free calls between millions of members and also gives us cheaper outbound calls. The information above most likely explains why Microsoft decided to acquire Skype this year.
We hope that this will have a positive impact on the product as a whole and will also add new customers and features to the Skype network. However, this will undoubtedly lead to some changes. For example, Skype decided to stop activation of Skype for Asterisk channels in the future. Like we all remember, Skype for Asterisk is a set of modules developed by Digium in cooperation with Skype.
The purpose of this is to connect Asterisk to Skype. It is my assumption that Skype cancelled this, because of too little usage of this product. The product could be used only with Asterisk and not with other PBX systems. One of the best features about Skype is that we can make free calls from one Skype account to another. It is helpful in cases of personal use, but it is not good for professional use. For example, when you want to use it for your clients in order to reach your company representation and integrate it with PBX, so that all calls could be received in one place and routed conveniently or to go to an IVR, it is problematic. Therefore, there appears to be a problem to connect Skype with Asterisk PBX, but Skype has brought a solution of this problem - Skype Connect.

[Set up Skype Connect]

Getting Started with Skype Connect. Sign in with your Skype name and password. These credentials will be used to access your Skype Manager. You will need to log into Skype Manager and follow steps to register new Skype Manager account (or direct link After the new account is registered, you can log directly into your manager account and go to the next step.

2.1 To handle the incoming calls you will need to add a new account member. To perform this, access Member tab and select Add member, fill the requested fields for Member’s details and then press Add Member button.
***This will be your Skype connect account on which all incoming calls will be placed!***

2.2. At this point, you will need to create a Skype Connect profile. This will allow you to redirect all your calls into it, and point to your SIP server. Click Features in your Skype Manager account, select Skype Connect and press New Profile button. Fill the subsequent fields, according to your server setup.
Profile name – Choose name for your profile.
Calling channels – How many concurrent channels do you need? Each channel is 4,95 Euro (24.05.2011).
Outgoing calls – In this menu you can add funds to your call account and check per minute rates for each location you are plannig to call.
Caller ID – Caller ID is the number that will be displayed when you call a landline or mobile phone. You could buy a CallerID from Skype or use a land-line number. Be aware, you are only authorized to use land-line numbers contracted for use by your company and that are associated with your PBX.
After all the steps listed are performed, you will be able to select your type of authentication with Skype. Choose the method of authentication needed or supported by your PBX. On this step you are able to select from two possibilities: Registration or IP Authentication.
If you use Registration, Skype Connect will give you a user name and password for your SIP account, and you can connect it to at SIP port 5060. If you choose the IP authentication, you will need to enter the IP details for your PBX Public IP address and port.

[Set up PBX Asterisk]

To be able to perform connections with Skype, you will need to set up an SIP trunk on your PBX and to manage incoming and outgoing routes :
3.1 Sip Trunk setup :
in your sip.conf file add new Skype trunk:

	username=XXXXXX – SIP User according to your Skype Connect profile.
	secret=YYYYY – password from your Skype Connect profile
	context=from-trunk – Where all incoming calls are placed.

3.2 Extension: In your extensions.conf file create new context and set new extensions for Skype account.

        [from-trunk ] 
        exten => XXXXXX,1, Playback('hello')
	exten => XXXXXX,2, Dial(SIP/101); In this simple case we are playing 
 a greeting message and dialing an extension but you could set it to be as complex
 as you want. For example, to set up an IVR or to dial a group of extensions. ;

	Also you could manage your local route to dial via Skype

	exten => _XXXX.,1,Dial(SIP/skype/${EXTEN});<

[Test it]

To Test the incoming calls you could call directly from Skype to your profile or place a Skype button on your site. For this use:

<a href="skype:!!Yourprofilename!!?call"> 
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