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The fact that cloud computing has been one of the fastest growing solutions for big companies is a given. Although some may think that cloud’s main goal is to make data available from anywhere, this is not so much true for companies with big data flow. It essentially helps to reduce workload on the servers, providing faster reading and writing in a sense that all the data that is accessed is deployed on multiple servers specially designed for data maintenance. Of course if the goal is to reduce the workload of data servers, deploying cloud server within private network would not be the best idea. A better solution is to use public clouds provided by IT companies that specialize in this field.
Information security is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you are a user, administrator, IT manager, or business owner information security should be on your mind. Information used, collected and owned has value and because of this businesses must prepare for security threats and vulnerabilities. The following examines 5 tools everyone should use in the information security industry.  Network vulnerability scanners Vulnerability scanners are programs designed to access computers, networks, applications, and computer systems to discover weaknesses. These can be applied either as part of a vulnerability assessment or by black hat attackers seeking to gain unauthorized access. 
Perhaps every business owner has at some point considered the option of outsourcing at least some aspects of workload, necessary for maintaining the successful business process. It is quite understandable, given the fact that the gain seems to be huge and you can save a lot of funds by outsourcing certain business functions. Using this strategy one can run a successful business without the need of hiring employees. 
How often do you have to manually apply the same steps when setting up a server environment for yourself? Being in charge of tens, hundreds, sometimes even thousands of servers also means that there are hundreds of deployments to handle, configurations to make, patches to apply, security issues to solve, and updates to download. Imagine if all of these manual actions were coded and treated the same way as the other software systems! Thank heavens for automation. Over the years, system administrators found out a way to present infrastructures as code that would take care of the boring routine tasks. Puppet and Chef are great result examples of these efforts.
Mail Servers fail over In case you find yourself in situation, when your email server is going down or being inaccessible due to the Internet connectivity failures, it is very likely that you will feel the need of a second email server which will queue your e-mail messages automatically, until your mail server comes back on track. Also, you can’t deny that it is essential to have the ability to read all the incoming mail and to send mail via the second mail server. Here is what the MX Failover offers:
Highlights : What we want to achieve: to block all calls from mobile phone of a local operator, also each time our DIDs are called from this we need to send a notification about it by mail. What we have on our PBX : Asterisk 1.6.2.X and FreePBX 2.8 installed with core modules; while searching through web and asterisk modules , we found only one related module , that is Blacklist module , but it does not support call blocking by CallerID patterns , in this case it would be necessary to add each number individually, it will be a big list and to make this list it takes a huge amount of time.
The high prevalence of MySQL databases leads to their usage in increasingly diverse projects, including those that require nonstop operation and minimal recovery time. Standard tools, such as mysqldump are inconvenient for the use in large databases that can reach tens of gigabytes. If you can still export the data in the reasonable time of a few hours, the restore operation can take tens of hours. Also, using mysqldump to backup causes table locks (making downtime during backup) and can be followed by data inconsistency in backup copy. Data inconsistency may occur with transactions involving tables that have already been backed up with those that have not been copied.
Some databases are used to store large amount of historical data (such as call detail records, log messages, etc). This data has the following common characteristics:
VoIP networks have grown rapidly in past decades due to the opportunity they are providing. You can easily deploy, manage and extend your VoIP network over an existing IP networks. It also gives you greater variety of features, than regular telephony for the lower cost of services and cheaper price for international destination. Thus, all of these benefits of VoIP networks are extremely rigid in front of network quality. In most cases, if you want to have a decent voice quality it's strictly necessary for your network parameters to be on a high level of network availability, in best case scenario up to 99.999% and strict latency. But, currently, IP networks can't meet this requirement 100%.
[General settlement] Currently, Skype is one of the fastest growing VoIP telephone networks. It gives us the ability to make free calls between millions of members and also gives us cheaper outbound calls. The information above most likely explains why Microsoft decided to acquire Skype this year. We hope that this will have a positive impact on the product as a whole and will also add new customers and features to the Skype network. However, this will undoubtedly lead to some changes. For example, Skype decided to stop activation of Skype for Asterisk channels in the future. Like we all remember, Skype for Asterisk is a set of modules developed by Digium in cooperation with Skype.


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