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Perhaps every business owner has at some point considered the option of outsourcing at least some aspects of workload, necessary for maintaining the successful business process. It is quite understandable, given the fact that the gain seems to be huge and you can save a lot of funds by outsourcing...
How often do you have to manually apply the same steps when setting up a server environment for yourself? Being in charge of tens, hundreds, sometimes even thousands of servers also means that there are hundreds of deployments to handle, configurations to make, patches to apply, security issues to...
  Mail Servers fail over In case you find yourself in situation, when your email server is going down or being inaccessible due to the Internet connectivity failures, it is very likely that you will feel the need of a second email server which will queue your e-mail messages...
  Highlights : What we want to achieve: to block all calls from mobile phone of a local operator, also each time our DIDs are called from this we need to send a notification about it by mail. What we have on our PBX : Asterisk 1.6.2.X and FreePBX 2.8 installed with core...
The high prevalence of MySQL databases leads to their usage in increasingly diverse projects, including those that require nonstop operation and minimal recovery time. Standard tools, such as mysqldump are inconvenient for the use in large databases that can reach tens of gigabytes. If you can...
Some databases are used to store large amount of historical data (such as call detail records, log messages, etc). This data has the following common characteristics: every record has timestamp (date and time when event occurs) very large amount of records such records should be stored...
[Monitoring principles] General: VoIP networks have grown rapidly in past decades due to the opportunity they are providing. You can easily deploy, manage and extend your VoIP network over an existing IP networks. It also gives you greater variety of features, than regular telephony for the...

Tags: asterisk, ip, skype, voice, VoIP

[General settlement] Currently, Skype is one of the fastest growing VoIP telephone networks. It gives us the ability to make free calls between millions of members and also gives us cheaper outbound calls. The information above most likely explains why Microsoft decided to acquire Skype this...
[Introduction] This article is a continuation of "Service high availability using open-source tools" . Here we will describe the process of relatively complex cluster configuration with several nodes (more than two). [Cluster architecture] Description Typically, a cluster...
Remsys has been offering services in the IT outsourcing market for over 9 years. Our customers are very diverse, and so are their servers and configurations. At a certain point, companies using large numbers of servers run into the following issues: "How do we organize all of the chaos that...